Automated Collection Service

Automated Collection Service FAQ


Q. What is automated collection service?
Automated trash collection is an advanced system of refuse and recycling collection. The refuse truck is equipped with a mechanical arm operated by the driver that empties the containers into the truck instead of workers lifting barrels. The driver never leaves the truck. The automated system requires the use of a special trash container called a "roll cart."

Q. How does it work?
You place the roll cart we provide to you and your recycling bin at the edge of your property the night before collection, or no later than 6:00 a.m. on the morning of collection. Trucks will come by in the morning to dump the roll cart into the truck. Recycling truck drivers will still manually collect recycling bins.

Q. Where do I place my roll cart and recycling bin?
Please place your roll cart on the edge of your lawn or on your sidewalk no more than 18 inches from the curb or roadside.

Do not place the bins in front of a car, telephone pole, or behind a mailbox. The truck needs direct access to the cart in order for the system to work. Your recycling bin should be placed next to the gray roll cart. Please place the bin out the night before collection or no later than 6:00 a.m.

Q. Can I still placed my own containers at the curb?
A. No, the automated collection system only works with our specially designed roll carts. If, after a few weeks, you find that you have more trash than one roll cart can hold, please contact our Customer Service Department for an additional cart.

Q. When will I receive the roll cart?
After you sign up for our trash and recycling collection services, we will deliver your roll cart and recycling bin.

Q. Do I need to be home when you deliver the roll cart?
We normally deliver roll carts on the Saturday after you have signed up for trash and recycling collection service. It is our hope that you will be home so that we may answer any questions you have.

Q. When can I start using my new roll cart and recycling bin?
Immediately after receiving them.

Q. Do I need more than one roll cart?
Most studies show that, for an average family who recycles, one roll cart is adequate for weekly collection service.

Q. Do I have to buy the roll cart?
No, you do not have to buy the roll cart; it is included in your monthly fee. Extra roll carts are available for a nominal fee. Please contact our Customer Service Department for prices and availability. Roll carts are the property of WWP and should be left at the property should you move.

Q. How much trash does a roll cart hold?
Roll carts are designed to handle the amount of trash contained in three normal-sized trash cans or six trash bags.

Q. How big are the roll carts and recycling containers?


This is a 95-gallon rolling cart:

44" (H) x 34" (L) x 25" (W)

This is a 14-gallon recycling container:

16" (H) x 20" (L) x 16" (W)

Q. Can I pile trash on the outside of the roll cart?
No, our trucks are only equipped to collect what is inside the roll cart.

Q. What can I put into the roll cart?
Regular bagged household trash. Please bag all trash before placing it inside the bin. DO NOT include construction debris, hazardous waste or recyclables.

Q. What can go inside the recycling bin?
Newspaper, junk mail, cereal boxes, magazines and other paper products. These must be tied into a bundle or placed in a paper bag. Rinsed glass bottles, tin cans, aluminum cans, and plastic containers can be placed loose in the bin.

Q. What if I am physically unable to move the roll cart?
The roll carts are easy to roll and handle. We have a smaller-sized cart (65 gallons) available. If you have limitations, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department and we will see what type of alternative collection service we can provide for you.

Q. What if it snows?
Please place the roll cart in the same location as usual, 18 inches away from the road.

Q. What if my cart gets damaged?
Please call our Customer Service Department at (860) 423-4527 and we will repair it.