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Electronics FAQ

To Whom It May Concern:

You may be aware that in the past few years the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection has been developing new regulations to handle and recycle "covered electronic devices".  According to DEP, covered electronic devices (CEDs), as regulated under the law, are the following items from residences;

  • computers
  • computer monitors
  • printers
  • televisions

E-waste from non-residential sources (commercial, governmental, retail, etc.) is regulated under current federal and state hazardous waste and solid waste laws." DEP's effort is related to a 2007 law that also has another key provision;

"On and after January 1, 2011, no person shall knowingly place a covered electronic device or any of the components or subassemblies of such device in any solid waste facility."

WWP's facilities are regulated as volume reduction facilities and are captured in this prohibition.  WWP will also soon post a sign at its facilities indicating that covered electronic devices are prohibited from deliveries.  We ask that you take the necessary steps to comply with this law and share this information with your customers and users as appropriate.

In order to provide you with those recycling and waste management services you may require, please note that WWP is willing to accept these materials if separately delivered and in accordance with our procedures.