Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling


While we are so much more today than a paper recycling company, our name says it all - Willimantic Waste Paper Company

For 65 years we have specialized in recycling all grades and kinds of fibers - all the way from newspaper and corrugated cardboard, to special high-grade papers, to pulp and paper mill intermediate products.

Our high technology fiber processing ability employs the best in global technology and marketing. We provide fiber-recycling services to hundreds of customers.

One example of the breadth of our services is that 24 municipalities have long-term contracts with us for municipal fiber recycling. Plus, we serve many more communities under short-term arrangements.

Why Should You Recycle Paper?

Paper recycling is the process of recollecting waste paper and re-creating it into new paper-based products. This means using the essential components of an old product as the new material can be manufactured for new goods. Many businesses recycle paper because it saves money on waste disposal costs. Paper recycling, however, is also good for the community because it not only helps conserve valuable resources but also reduces pollution from production of new materials. Here are some other reasons to recycle paper:

  • For every ton of paper recycled, you can save over 15 trees from being cut down.
  • Using old paper to make new paper uses almost 50 percent less energy than making paper from trees.
  • Pollution is massively reduced when used paper is made into new sheets.
  • Recycling newspaper helps to create more newspaper as well as being reused to make other items such as egg cartons or packaging materials.
  • Recycling paper also helps reduce the waste clogging landfills as almost half of all waste filling landfills is paper
  • Overall, paper recycling reduces energy use, pollution, land and forest destruction, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling is important for the community and we want to help simplify the process. Willi Waste is here to help businesses and homeowners alike to recycle their old paper to recreate more useful materials.