Terms and Conditions

Residential Curbside Service Terms and Conditions

SERVICES. You acknowledge and agree that service will be provided only if your refuse and recycling bins are at the curb by 6:00 am on your scheduled pickup day and your account is current; additionally, please make sure the area is free and clear of all obstruction. Casella may not provide you with service if you are late making payments, even though your obligation under this service agreement will remain in full force and effect. Casella may change your scheduled pick-up day. Casella will provide notice of any such change.

EQUIPMENT. The word “equipment” as used in these Terms and Conditions shall mean all containers used for storage of waste material and recyclables. You acknowledge that you have the care, custody and control of any equipment provided to you by Casella and you accept responsibility and liability for the equipment. You expressly agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Casella from and against any and all loss of or damage to Casella property, or injury to or death of person or persons, resulting from or arising in any manner out of your use, operation or possession of any equipment furnished under this Agreement.

Upon cancellation or termination, you will return to Casella all of the equipment that Casella provides to you, in substantially the same condition as when Casella gave it to you, except for reasonable wear and tear. If you do not return the equipment, if it is lost or stolen, or if it is damaged beyond ordinary wear and tear, you will pay $80.00 per container for replacement of our equipment.

PAYMENT TERMS. Payment shall be made by you to Casella by the due date of the invoice. Service fees are billed in advance on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis (depending on your choice). No refund shall be issued for early termination during quarterly service period. Past due balances are subject to a monthly 1.5% late fee. If you are past due in making payments, your service may be interrupted. If your service is interrupted, you will be subject to a $15.00 restart fee. If your cart(s) has been removed and you wish to reinstate service, please contact us.

If I authorize Casella to charge my credit/debit card or withdraw payment for my service invoices, payments will be automatically withdrawn until otherwise notified in writing. Once automatic payments are disabled from your account you will need to make manual payments for future charges.

CANCELLATION. Applicable only to customers with service agreement. If you move to an area where Casella does not offer residential service, you may cancel this Agreement upon 30 days’ written notice, with no further obligation to Casella. You may not cancel this agreement for any other reason. If we do allow termination, You will pay a termination fee of $75.00. You acknowledge these amounts are not a penalty, but a reasonable estimate of the losses Casella will incur due to your cancellation.

After the initial term, this Agreement is in effect until You provide notification of cancellation by written notice to P.O. Box 239, Willimantic, CT, 06226. Casella Waste Paper will pick up cart upon notification of cancellation date and payment of all open and outstanding balances.

SERVICE RATE ADJUSTMENT. Casella reserves the right to adjust the service rates and/or assess surcharges based upon increases in fuel costs, increase in disposal facility costs, increases in costs due to changes in federal, state or local laws, ordinances or regulations and increases in transportation costs due to a change in the location of disposal facilities. Casella will provide notice of any such change.

COLLECTION AND ENFORCEMENT. In the event Casella incurs legal fees or other expenses in order to collect payment or otherwise enforce this Agreement, you will be responsible for payment of all reasonable fees and expenses we incur, including reasonable attorneys’ fees.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS. Until collected and accepted by Casella, you remain the owner of all recyclable material. A list of acceptable recyclable materials is available for reference, online or by request over the phone. In the event that any material furnished to Casella by you is not an acceptable recyclable material, Casella reserves the right to refuse that material. All recyclables shall be placed in an approved rolling cart or recycling bin provided to you. Once picked up and accepted, all materials become the property of Casella.

EXCUSED PERFORMANCE. Casella shall not be liable for its failure to perform or delay in performance due to contingencies beyond its reasonable control including, but not limited to, strikes, riots, fires and acts of nature, or compliance with any law, rule regulation or order, whether valid or invalid, of the United States of America, any state, any municipality or any other governmental body or any instrumentality thereof whether now existing or hereafter created. Refunds, credits or adjustments will not be issued if Casella does not service you; instead, Casella will provide service within a reasonable amount of time. For vacations or other absences of four or more weeks, please notify Casella in advance of your regular pick up day and Casella will apply a credit on your account for the service you’ll not be using. If your service is voluntarily interrupted, you will be subject to a $15.00 restart fee.