Norwich Bulky Waste Collection

City of Norwich Residents are allowed 2 curbside bulky waste pickups per year. The quantity of materials placed for a curbside bulky waste pile should be equivalent to what would fit in a standard pickup truck bed, not to exceed 6ft x 10ft x 4ft. Curbside bulky waste pickups are not for intended for entire house/apartment cleanouts. If you anticipate exceeding this amount you will need to make arrangements for a dumpster.

  • Mattresses: Each household can have a maximum of two mattresses out for pickup.
  • Scrap Wood: Scraps of wood must be placed in a neat pile, not exceeding five feet long, three feet high, and five feet wide.
  • No Sheetrock/drywall or plaster.
  • Non-Freon Appliances: Each household is allowed two appliances per pickup. Freon-bearing items will not be picked up.

To schedule a metal removal reservation please call our office at 860-423-4527